Paper Machines for the Office

Paper shredding, binding, and laminating machines all come in handy when you need to dispose of documents, bind new company documents for internal or external use, and laminate your finished products. There are many situations in which your office might need to make documents that are simply better secured with lamination, more professional in their appearance with proper binding and cover sheets, or properly disposed of so that sensitive information doesn’t make its way into the hands of someone it shouldn’t. That is why it’s so important for companies to have machines like binding machines, laminating machines, and paper shredders.

Benefits of Binding

Binding machines are a great way to prepare professional documents or sales materials in a professional fashion. The wire binding machines can create the perfect finishing touch on professional-looking printed material which will leave an impact on those who use it. This can include things like:

Presentation materials

Thermal binding for customers who are receiving a quote from your company

Binding for sales collateral for internal customers or external customers

Arranging documents for easy storage

Spiral binding machines and coil binding machines both can allow you coil inserts so that the pages all rotate 360° in the document can fold in on itself. Spiral binding lets you use plastics that are durable and never lose their shape with extra thickness so that the documents stay durable.

Laminating brings with it the final touch of making your professional documents permanent. You might have documents that you need to laminate and put in the conference room, or laminate documents that you put in the door dictating what hours your company is open, you can even laminate simple signs that you would put in front of office spaces, bathrooms, waiting areas, or on the refrigerator in a shared space.

Laminating machines are very easy to use. They have a few buttons and once they get set up, they melt the glue and apply it to your photos, documents, or papers so that the final product comes out flawless.


Shredders are of course equally important when you have to destroy documents. There are plenty of situations where companies might need to get rid of excess documents. Things that are no longer needed in the office, duplicates, or internal company emails and memos that were printed once upon a time might no longer have a use but they can’t just be tossed out in the recycling bin if they have important company information on them or otherwise sensitive information about customers. All of that can be shredded with a high-quality company shredder before it gets recycled so that the information remains private. This is particularly important for people who leave a workplace and need to shred all of the documents with their contact information or companies that have delicate customer information like health information that must really be disposed of in a certain fashion.

When you look at the different shredders available to you, they come in various styles and the style most appropriate for your situation is going to vary based on what things you need to dispose of. For example, a regular shredder might shred documents a few centimeters apart straight down in one direction leaving a handful of strings that could theoretically be taped back together to reveal the original information. If you want to be particularly certain that this won’t happen, you can get a criss-cross design that shreds it diagonally in both directions.

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