Master of Business Administration

The Programme by coursework on Master of Business Administration (MBA) will provide the best part-time educational programmes and customised training programmes to organizations in ensuring their competitiveness in the global environment.

The objectives of the programme are to:

  • train future business leaders for successful professional career with strong grasp in overall management skills.
  • provide graduates with current and in-depth knowledge in the content and competencies that will support their career development as effective managers in a variety of organizational settings
  • establish graduates with management skills – leadership, ethics, communication and teamwork in order to effectively function in their personal and professional work environment.
  • promote overall understanding and ability to apply the skills obtained towards complex problem analysis, decision making and the application of modern strategic management methods relevant to the respective fields of specialization
  • inculcate and motivate graduates with understanding of the needs and the importance of life-long learning in enhancing their professional career and development.

At the end of this programme students should be able to:

  • analyse, plan, prepare, monitor, organise and communicate financial, marketing, management, technical reports and proposals in their respective organisation.
  • troubleshoot and diagnose issues and problems and recommend alternative solutions for organizations
  • demonstrate a sense of sensitivity towards cross cultural and global diversity; exercise public responsibility; provide service to community; and care for environment
  • determine and fulfill customer needs and satisfaction and improve service accordingly guided by strong conviction in ethical values, social responsibilities and environmental considerations.
  • motivate and deploy effective inter and intra personal skills towards achieving team ship and promote positive organizational culture and image
  • apply mathematical and statistical concepts to analyse and explain issues in quantitative terms for management and entrepreneurial decision making
  • understand a wider scope of diversified work environment with strong positive attitude and willingness to adapt new changes and development.
  • use information to evaluate, organize and analyse for business management and entrepreneurial decision making

Minimum Entry Requirement

A bachelor Degree in the field of Business Administration, Maritime Management, Logistics Management, Transportation, Industrial Management and Information Technology Management or any other field from local / international universities recognized by Malaysian Government and UNISEL Senate with at least CGPA of 2.50. (5 working experience is required for those who obtain CGPA less than 2.50)

Course Structure

Master of Business Administration

Tuition Fees

RM 24,750
(RM550 x 45 credit hours)

(RM850 x 45 credit hours)

Total Credit Hours
45 hours

Duration of Studies

Full Time:  1 1/2 – 3 years

Part Time : 2  – 5 years

Career Prospects

Graduates with Masters of Business Administration degree can find employment in government and private sectors. Many graduates will be able to obtain employment in the following capacity:

• Logistic Management
• General Management
• Project Management
• Islamic Finance
• Accounting
• Shipping Management

Name: Assoc.Prof. Dr. Nor Azilah Binti Husin | Selangor Business School (SBS)

Contact No: (O) 03-5522-3555/3402