Doctor of Education (EdD)


The Faculty of Education and Social Sciences, Universiti Selangor offers a doctoral programme, the Doctor of Education (Ed.D). The degree is an avenue designed for graduates to proceed to a higher qualification to fulfil their ambition as administrators, or managers.

The Doctor of Education (Ed.D) is a professional qualification. Apart from obtaining vast knowledge in common areas, this programme provides graduate students in-depth knowledge in specific areas through quality courses, exposure to educational issues and intellectual discourses such as symposiums, seminars, conferences and internship.


The objectives of the programme are to:

  • be knowledgeable in different areas of study so that they can keep abreast with current issues in the fields
  • be orientated with vast experience in performing tasks such as applying appropriate presentation and referencing skills
  • be equipped with communication and management skills so as to be competitive at national and international levels
  • possess professional attributes, ethics and quality leadership
  • are immersed in the diversity of races, cultures and beliefs as well as support life-long learning


At the end of this programme students should be able to:

  • demonstrate an exceptional mastery of knowledge and professional skills through continuous research and effective management and administration skills
  • display the confidence needed to face the toughest leadership challenges.
  • demonstrate innovative and productive management skills in handling responsibilities, problems and tasks
  • excel in the strategic repositioning of resources and human capital
  • perform tasks as an individual, a team member and a member of educational institutions in the plural society effectively
  • apply professional and ethical values in daily undertaking of tasks and responsibilities
  • practice life-long learning in order to face global challenges through research and best practices


Minimum Entry Requirement

A Master Degree from UNISEL or equivalent in relevant discipline.


Course Structure

Doctor of Education


Tuition Fees

Total RM23,400
(RM260 x 90 credit hours )

( RM480 x 90 credit hours)


Duration of Studies

Full Time: 3 years

Part Time: 4 years


Career Prospects

Graduates with the degree Doctor of Education (Ed.D) can find employment in government and private sectors. Many graduates work as administrators or executives or entrepreneurs in educational fields and also industries. Some candidates become consultants, researchers and planners in higher education. The candidates will be able to obtain employment in the following capacity:

• Research & Development
• Quality Control
• Clinical Research
• Government Educational Evaluation and Measurement Blueprint


Name: Dr. Hjh. Khatipah

Contact No: (M) 016-2589175



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