PhD in Management


This Doctoral Programme is intended to working adults, teaching and non-teaching professions who wish to enhance their research management skills as well as upgrading their academic and professional qualifications in the field of business management The programme is strongly research-oriented and emphasizes early and effective involvement in research. While most graduates undertake careers as lecturers, scholars, researchers working within academic environment, the doctoral degree can also lead to careers in industry and government. The programme is small and admits only a few candidates each year, involving an in-depth study in the management areas of Marketing, Strategic management, Human Resource, Entrepreneurship, Supply Chain & Logistic Management, Project Management and Islamic Management.


The objectives of the programme are to:

  • provide students with useful research knowledge in the areas of management and business so that they can keep abreast with the current thinking in the field.
  • equip students with corpus of current and researchable management issues.
  • orientate students with knowledge and experience in performing research related tasks such as applying appropriate presentation skills and referencing.
  • equip with communication and management skills.
  • equip students with critical, creative, innovative and productive skills in managing organizations or institutions through research activities.
  • provide students with various knowledge, skills and motivation to be managers, researchers and educators.
  • develop students professional attributes, ethics and quality leadership.
  • promote understanding of the diversity of races, cultures and beliefs among students.
  • provide students with educational experience so as to encourage life-long learning and research.


At the end of this programme students should be able to:

  • apply the research knowledge and skills learned to various tasks and situations.
  • demonstrate a comprehensive-knowledge of the field of study and be informed of the latest developments and trends.
  • integrate core knowledge in the planning, preparation and implementation of research results.
  • plan effective research strategies to increase potential for revenue enhancement to build solid foundation for future growths.
  • demonstrate innovative and productive management skills in handling responsibilities, problems and tasks.
  • display capabilities as a researcher with the ability in academic writing, practicum and verbal and non-verbal communication skills.
  • perform tasks as an individual, a team member and a member of education institutions in the plural society effectively.
  • practice life-long learning in order to face global challenges.
  • apply professional and ethical values in the daily undertaking of tasks and responsibilities.


Minimum Entry Requirement

Master Degree from local or international universities recognized by Malaysian Government or Professional qualification approved by University’s Senate which equivalent to the Master Degree with working experience.


Tuition Fees

Total 16,200
(RM 2,700 x 6 semesters)

Total RM26,400
(RM4,400 x 6 semesters
+ RM1,500 x 1 semester)


Duration of Studies

Full Time: 2 – 5 years

Part Time : 4 – 8 years


Career Prospects

Graduates with PhD in Management can find employment in government and private sectors in the following fields and research on Management, Marketing, Entrepreneurship, Human Resource and Islamic Financial Management.


Name       : Dr. Zaharuzaman  Jamaluddin
Position    : Programme Coordinator (PhD in Management & Master of Management), Faculty of Business and Accountancy
Telephone: 03-55223546
E-mail       :