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    Dear Dr Bashar I am trying to join this group. However, it seems I am not doing the registration correctly. Please advise. Kindest Regards
    Hi.. its pleasure to join the group Just, there is one not related to my information which mention the origin (Afghanistan) !! so pls, try to adjust it Than you.
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      Please, you and all users can edit your profiles. If you don't update your profile, some filed will be show by default, such as Afghanistan as in alphabetical order default.
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  6. Rumana Rahman Reply
    Hello, This is Rumana from FoB. I probably take the best decision of my life to get admission in Unisel. CGS staff, ISC, Finance all are extremly helpful. As an international student, we face some issues but they always take prompt action. They are just there for the students. At last but not least my supervisor and I believe all supervisors are very helpful. Allah blessed me. My supervisor continuously motivate me, 24/7 for us. Any problem I have, morning to night, helps are available all the time. Thanks Unisel.
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    All the best Unisel