Introduction / Background of Centre For Graduate Studies

UNISEL’s Centre for Graduate Studies (CGS) promotes advanced studies, and enhances the academic and social experiences of post-graduate students. The university conducts 19 post-graduate programmes through five faculties.

  • Faculty of Business strives to provide the best part-time programmes and customised training courses to ensure organisations retain their competitiveness in the global environment.
  • The Faculty of Computer Science and Information Technology’s post-graduate programmes are uniquely designed for those wanting to improve their IT knowledge through advanced information in current IT trends.
  • As one of the oldest professions in the world, engineering has contributed immensely to the design, construction and operation of structures, machines and other devices of industry and everyday life. The Faculty of Engineering is committed to producing engineers of the highest calibre in all areas of the discipline.
  • Biotechnology is today an integral part of modern agriculture, healthcare and food production. Many scientists are venturing into genetic engineering to enhance the productivity of crops and fisheries. In recent years, the scope of biotechnology has been further developed to include related fields such as pharmaceuticals and neutraceuticals. At the Faculty of Biotechnology and Life Sciences, academic pursuits are conducted in tandem with current industrial needs. The faculty works closely with various industries to expose students to the unlimited potential of biotechnology.
  • With learning as a life-long endeavor and as our philosophy, the Faculty of Education and Social Sciences provides all possible modes of learning to help produce highly-skilled graduates. There are no limits on age, time, mode or entry requirements at this faculty. The programme is designed to assist graduates proceed to a higher qualification to fulfill their ambitions in education and social sciences.